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Price list for hiring at Jennett's Park Community Centre

Below you can see the prices for booking at Jennett's Park Community Centre. When you make a booking request on the website, the system will automatically calculate the estimated total price for you. If you have any questions about our pricing you are welcome to get in touch any time.

Security deposits

A security deposit is taken from hirers to protect the Community Association against any loss or damage suffered by or caused to them as a result of a hire. Rates of security deposit are as follows:

  • Deposit Level 1 - £50 Occasional hire, end of hire before 6pm
  • Deposit Level 2 - £100 Occasional hire, end of hire after 6pm but before 9pm
  • Deposit Level 3 - £150 Occasional hire, end of hire after 9pm
  • Deposit Level 4 - £200 Occasional hire, end of hire after 9pm where alcohol is consumed but not sold
  • Deposit Level 5 - £300 Any event, irrespective of timings, where alcohol is sold -or- any event at the discretion of JPCA Management Committee

Category A - Local charities and voluntary groups  Please email   
Category B - Private hire for residents                       £18.50/hour 1pm-7pm  £24.00/hour 7pm-10pm
Category C - Private hire for non-residents               £23.00/hour 1pm-7pm  £30.00/hour 7pm-10pm  
Category D - Commercial & Business                        Please email 
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